Infographic: Israel is an Apartheid State

This gives you a nice visual of how separate and unequal the laws of Israel are.  Bottom line – Israel is currently an occupying force in a country that is not theirs.  They will not engage in an honest negotiation to find peace and secure a 2 state solution.  And we fund this martial law and apartheid state.  Israel would not be able to maintain this without the support of America.  It makes me sick.

972 Mag says HERE:

Despite sharing a national identity, the Palestinian people are parceled into differential categories along geographical, socioeconomic, humanitarian, political and civilian lines determined by Israel: Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship, residents of East Jerusalem, those living in the West Bank, those in the Gaza Strip, and the refugees.  In this seventh illustration in a series of infographics on Palestinian civilian life under occupation, see the divisions that dictate Palestinian existence.

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